Baggage Restrictions and Dangerous Goods Notice

The following items can neither be checked as baggage nor placed into baggage (either checked or carry-on baggage).Those items may also not be taken into the cabin:

1. Guns and other weapons (including main parts)
Refers to devices which can fire ammunitions (including projectile and other objects) and cause severe personal injury or other items which may be mistaken as this kind of device, mainly including:
(1) Military gun, and gun for public service, such as pistol, musket, submachine gun, machine gun and riot gun, etc.;
(2) Civilian gun, such as air gun, shotgun, shooting sport gun, anesthetic gun;
(3) Other guns, such as model gun, starting gun, steel ball gun, outbound gun and other illegal guns;
(4) Imitation of the above-mentioned items.
2. Explosive or inflammable substances and devices
Refers to explosive or inflammable devices (substances) which can cause severe personal injury or endanger the aircraft safety or items which may be mistaken as this kind of device (substance), mainly including:
(1) Ammunitions, such as bomb, grenade, illuminating projectile, fire bomb, smoke bomb, signal shell, tear shell, gas bomb, bullet (plumb, blank ammunition, practice bomb);
(2) Blasting equipment, such as explosive, detonator, fuse, starter cartridge, blasting fuse, cartridge igniter, blasting agent, etc.;
(3) Pyrotechnic articles, such as fireworks and crackers, smoke cake, yellow fume, display shell, etc.;
(4) Imitation of the above-mentioned items.
3. Controlled instruments
Refers to the instruments which can cause personal injury or pose great hazard to aviation safety and transportation order, mainly including:
(1) Controlled knives, such as dagger (a single-edged, double-edged or multi-edged sharp knife with handle, cross guard and blood groove, whose nose angle is less than 60°), striking knife (a tool with three edges used for machining), flick knife or knife jumping with self-lock device (a folding knife which can be self-locked by the spring or card hidden in the handle when the blade unfolds or pops up), or other similar single-edged, double-edged striking knives (various single-edged, double-edged or multi-edged knives with nose angle less than 60° and blade length exceeding 150mm) and other various single-edged, double-edged or multi-edged knives with nose angle beyond 60° and blade length exceeding 220mm;
(2) Armaments, such as police club, electric baton, dagger for military or police use, handcuffs, thumb cuffs, shackles and CS-spray;
(3) Other controlled instruments as specified in international regulations, such as crossbow.
4. Dangerous goods
Refers to the dangerous goods that can cause personal injury or pose great hazard to aviation safety and transportation order, mainly including:
(1) Compressed gas and liquefied gas, such as hydrogen, methane, ethane, butane, natural gas, ethylene, propylene, acetylene (soluble in medium), carbon monoxide, liquefied petroleum gas, freon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water gas, lighter fuel and lighter liquefied gas;
(2) Spontaneous combustible articles, such as yellow phosphorus, white phosphorus, nitrocellulose (containing film) and oil paper and its products;
(3) Substances emitting flammable gases when wet, such as metallic potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium carbide (flint) and Magnesium aluminum powder;
(4) Inflammable gas, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, benzene, ethanol (alcohol), acetone, ether, oil paint, thinner, rosin oil, and other products containing inflammable solvent;
(5) Inflammable solid, such as red phosphorus, flashlight powder, solid alcohol, celluloid and foaming agent;
(6) Oxidizing agent and peroxidant, such as potassium permanganate, potassium chlorate, sodium peroxide, potassium peroxide, lead peroxide, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide;
(7) Toxic articles, such as cyanide, arsenic, highly toxic pesticide and other highly toxic chemicals;
(8) Corrosive substances, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and hydrargyrum (mercury);
(9) Radioactive substances, such as radioisotope.
5. Other items
Refer to other items which can cause personal injury or pose great hazard to aviation safety and transportation order, mainly including:
(1) Pathogen of infectious disease, such as HBV, bacillus anthracis, mycobacterium tuberculosis and AIDS virus;
(2) Kindling materials (including various ignition devices), such as lighter, match, cigarette lighter and magnesium rod (flint stone);
(3) Power bank and lithium battery with rated capacity exceeding 160Wh (lithium battery used in electrically propelled wheelchair is subject to rules specified otherwise);
(4) Alcoholic beverages with alcohol volume percentage content exceeding 70%;
(5) Strong magnetic materials, items with strong pungent odor or prone to cause a panic among passengers or items with property unable to be identified which may be dangerous.
6. Other forbidden items as specified in national laws, regulations and rules.

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Recently, the Australian and New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority has restricted the quantity of certain powders that passengers can carry on international flights. According to the regulation, issued the relevant security notification.

At security check station, passengers not only need to present the liquids/aerosols/gels for screening, but also need to present powders for screening:

1. Organic powders(e.g. food/powdered baby formula/coffee/sugar/ashes) are not restricted, but must be separated from the rest of your carry-on baggage for X-ray screening;

2. Inorganic powders (e.g. salt/sand/talcum powder) must be in containers of350ml (volume), 350gm (weight)or less. The total must not exceed350ml, 350gm per person.

1. Items that require special care shall be carried on board by the passenger and shall not be packed into the checked baggage. For instance: important documents and materials (including contracts, agreement, etc.); medicine; securities; currency; draft; jewelry; precious metal and its products; silver products; valuables; antiques and paintings; fragile objects or objects prone to be damaged; perishable goods; samples; digital products (including various cameras, laptops, mobile phones, video cameras, MP3\MP4\DVD and other small electronic products); travel documents, lithium batteries and lithium battery power supply device satisfying standards as specified by the carrier. If any loss, damage, or confiscation by government occur to these items due to the passenger's breach of the above policy, the airline will not be held liable.
2. In the event of weight and size beyond the specified limit for carry-on baggage, one shall go through relevant formalities as specified in Seat baggage according to Contracts of Carriage of Tianjin Airlines. Carry-on baggage tag shall be put on the cabin-seat baggage.
3. Where passengers take aircraft with large quantities of valuables (such as gold), the valuables shall be dealt with as cabin-seat baggage. Passenger shall present carry-on certificate issued by relevant management department when going through necessary formalities.

The following items cannot be accepted for transport unless transport conditions required by the carrier are met:

1. Items restricted as carry-on baggage but can be checked in
(1) Where a passenger takes an international or regional flight, the liquids shall be stored in containers with volume of each less than 100ml, which then shall be placed in a transparent plastic bag able to be resealed, with the maximum volume of 1 L. Each passenger is only allowed to carry one of such plastic bag for each time and the bags beyond limit shall be checked in;
(2) Liquid dairy products necessary for babies or liquid medicines necessary for passengers with diabetes or other diseases during air travel can be carried upon confirmation through safety check;
(3) Passenger is allowed to carry liquid products purchased or acquired in security restricted area or on the aircraft before leaving security restricted area.
2. Items forbidden to be carried and restricted as checked baggage
Alcoholic beverage is forbidden to be carried as carry-on baggage but shall be subject to the restrictions as checked baggage as follows:
(1) The beverage shall have a complete and clear sign placed on the retail package and be stored in the container with the volume less than 5L;
(2) Checked quantity is unlimited for alcohol volume percentage content in the beverage being less than 24% (inclusive);
(3) Checked quantity by each passenger shall be no more than 5L for alcohol volume percentage content in the beverage being more than 24% but below 70% (inclusive).
3. Items forbidden to be checked in but restricted as carry-on baggage
Power bank and lithium battery are forbidden to be checked in but shall be subject to restrictions as follows if carried as carry-on baggage (lithium battery used for electrically powered wheelchair is subject to the regulations otherwise specified);
(1) The sign of the power bank or lithium battery shall be intact and clear and the rated capacity is no more than 100Wh (inclusive);
(2) Providing the rated capacity is above 100Wh but less than 160Wh (inclusive), the concerned passenger shall ask Airlines for approval and upon approval, one passenger is allowed to carry two pieces of such batteries.
(3) Protection measures for lithium battery
  • a) Spare batteries shall be separately treated to prevent short circuit, including placing them in retail package of original factory or insulating electrodes, such as using adhesive tape to stick exposed electrodes or placing each battery in plastic bag or protection bag. Take measures to prevent battery from being crushed, punctured or suffering high pressure, which may cause short circuit inside the battery and result in overheating.
  • b) Effective measures shall be taken to prevent lithium battery installed in the device from accidental start-up. The device equipped with lithium battery must be safely fixed within the package to avoid sliding or separation with the battery during baggage sorting process.
  • c) Provide passengers with plastic bag which can prevent short circuit of lithium battery at the counter for boarding formalities and assist the passengers in preparing measures to prevent short circuit of spare lithium battery.
4. International flight temporarily accepts no transport of animals.
5. Other items restricted as specified in laws, regulations and rules.
1. Checked baggage must be packed, well locked and tied securely, be able to bear certain pressure, can be safely loaded and unloaded under normal operations and should be subject to the following rules:
(1) Travelling cases, travel bags, handbags, etc. must be well locked.
(2) Two bag items or above shall not be tied together as one;
(3) Baggage cannot be inserted by other articles.
(4) Bamboo basket, string bag, straw rope, straw bag and other similar articles cannot be used as a package of baggage.
(5) Package with dangerous markings or tags cannot be used. The dangerous markings or tags must be removed or covered before the package can be used.
(6) Baggage shall include the name, detailed address and phone number of the passenger.
(7) Sawdust, rice husk or grass clippings cannot be used as padding in the baggage.
2. Weight system for checked baggage: Each checked baggage shall not exceed 50kg/110pounds and the dimension of 40×60×100cm. Any baggage exceeding these limitations shall be checked only with the consent of Tianjin Airlines.
3. Piece work system for checked baggage: First class/business class passengers are allowed to carry baggage up to 32kg/70 pounds per piece and with the length of three sides not more than 158cm/62 inches); while economy-class passengers are allowed to carry baggage up to 23 kg/50 pounds per piece with the length of three sides not more than 158cm/62 inches).
4. Free baggage allowance for other special passengers (child, infant) is subject to the notice on overseas free baggage allowance issued by the Marketing & Sales Department.

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