Delayed/Damaged Baggage

If you arrive at your destination but your baggage has been delayed, Tianjin Airlines will try its best to help you. We are very sorry about the improper handling of your baggage, and will try our best to find and deliver it to you.

1. In case of failure to repair the baggage on the spot, the baggage may be sent to a professional repair workshop (or a preferred company with an agreement with Tianjin Airlines) for repair or replacement, or subject to compensation in cash on the basis of general expense for baggage repair. Please contact the local baggage enquiry department or appropriate staff for details.

2. For any other questions or further assistance, please contact us. We are glad to help you.

For any assistance, please contact the baggage enquiry department at the local airport.

Once the location of your baggage is confirmed, we will inform you at once and deliver it to the address that you gave on arrival at the airport.

Tianjin Airlines shall assume the compensation liability for any loss, damage, contamination or shortage of baggage carried via one of its flights. Baggage compensation is divided into four types of compensation including a temporary living expense, compensation expense for loss of baggage, compensation expense for loss of items in the baggage and compensation expense for baggage damage (contamination).

Compensation basis- Warsaw Convention, Montreal Convention and regulations applicable to baggage compensation in Civil Aviation Law of the People’s Republic of China.

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