The introduction of Tianjin Airlines A330-200/300 Inflight Entertainment System

Tianjin Airlines has A330-200/300 wide body model, A330-200 equipped with Thales TopSeries i5000 entertainment system,business class passenger equipped with 15.4 inch personal TV screen, economy class passengers with 10.6 inch personal TV screen, for the whole cabin entertainment system, with 3D mobile map, can check the current location of the aircraft in time.

A330-300 is the latest introduction to the Tianjin Airlines, is equipped with the latest AVANT entertainment system of Thales, which greatly improves the system performance. The business class passengers are equipped with a 15.4 inch personal TV screen, and the economy class passengers are equipped with a 10.1 inch personal TV screen, a whole cabin entertainment system, a more abundant and intuitive human-computer interface. Every passenger on the machine can watch movies, listen to music and play games on their seats. The AVANT entertainment system not only has a 3D mobile map, but also is equipped with a two view camera. Passengers can track the aircraft in flight, look at the current location of the aircraft in a timely manner through high definition 3D geo graphic background. At the same time, it can also see the whole process of aircraft gliding, accelerating take-off, high altitude cruising and landing from different perspectives.

In 2019, Tianjin Airlines regularly updated Hollywood films, classic domestic films and various types of video clips, with more than 150 quarterly updates, and 300 music albums and 10 airborne games.

New Releases

  • Ocean's Eight

  • Ready Player One

  • Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs

  • Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian

  • The Revenant

  • The Broken Ones

  • Wicker Park

  • I Can Speak

  • Brother Bajrangi

  • Operation Red Sea

  • Wrath of Silence

  • Forever Young

  • Detective Chinatown Vol 2

  • Angels Wear White

  • King of Beggars

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