Ticketing rules for irregular flights

Regulations on refunding for international flight that landed at alternate airports

In case of flights landed at alternate airports, passenger shall apply for refunding according to the regulations as follows:

  • 1. Refunding isn't applicable to the segment which has been used or isn't displayed on the ticket.
  • 2. For the unused segments, passenger may apply for non-voluntary refunding or free rebooking, or endorsing/booking passenger ticket of other airlines.
  • 3. In case of any special refunding requirements, we will and then go through refunding procedure and refund upon approval by the Company.

Please refund with the original of boarding pass, original or copy of passport and the irregular flight certificate at the original ticket issuing office/agent. If it isn't applicable, passenger may apply to refund the unused segments at the local ticket office of Tianjin Airlines at departure of the segment.

Regulations on handling of irregular flights

  • 1. In case of any irregularity to self-operated flight, Tianjin Airlines may provide the passengers with such ticket service as free rebooking, change of segment and endorsement, refunding.
  • 2. In case of any irregularity not caused by Tianjin Airlines, the Company may provide the passengers with such ticket service as:
    a. Free rebooking and refund.
    b. Passenger will be charged for rebooking, change of segment and endorsement.
  • 3. For the combined flights carried by GS and VA, If a delay or cancellation/reschedule of flight carried by VA occurs, VA will be responsible for arranging the passengers to the next available flight.
  • 4. Tianjin Airlines may rebook the flights within 7 days before or after the departure time of the original flight according to seat availability if the travel documents of passenger are valid in this period.
  • 5. Refunding principle of irregular flights: Refund at the original ticket issuing office/agent.
  • 6. Priority of ticket service for irregular flights: rebooking - refunding - change of segment-endorsement to the airlines entering into endorsement agreement with Tianjin Airlines - endorsement to the airlines not entering into endorsement agreement but entering into combined transport agreement with Tianjin Airlines.
  • 7. For those that are rebooked to the flights in following 7 days caused by the carrier or other reasons,when a passenger requests a ticket change, the changed flight should be of equivalent service grade to the original one and passengers are entitled to only one-off free service of involuntary ticket change. If the passenger requests a ticket change or refund again, such requests shall be treated as voluntary.