Passengers with Reduced Mobility

In order to make sure that our service can meet your demands, our staff will need the following information from you: Are you able to walk by yourself without any assistance? The distance you can walk, and are you able go up and down steps without any assistance?

I. Notice to Passengers

1. As the aircraft cabin is unable to accommodate a wheelchair, your wheelchair needs to be checked in. If you take an electric wheelchair, please bring the instruction of the electric wheelchair, and check in 90 minutes before the departure of flight. We will transport your wheelchair for free. It will not affect your free baggage allowance.
2. Passengers using wheelchairs should present themselves at the check-in counter at least 60 minutes prior to departure.

II. Available Wheelchair Services

In accordance with the physical status of wheelchair passengers, Tianjin Airlines provides the following 3 kinds of wheelchair services:
1. Passenger is unable to move at all (WCHC);
2. Passenger is unable to go up or down steps but able to reach to the seat without assistance (WCHS);
3. Passenger is able to go up or down steps, also able to reach to the seat without assistance (WCHR).

III. Notice on Ticket Purchasing

1. If you only need wheelchair assistance at the airport and when getting on and off the plane (WCHR, WCHS), you can buy ticket directly from domestic and foreign local ticket offices and sales agents of Tianjin Airlines or via hotline 95350 of Tianjin Airlines, and fill in Special Passenger Application, so that Tianjin Airlines can do corresponding service guarantee arrangement for you.
2. If you are unable to move at all (WCHC) or disabled because of illness but need to take a plane, please go to domestic or foreign local ticket office or domestic and foreign authorized ticket office of Tianjin Airlines in the place of departure to put forward application 48 hours before the departure of flight. Tianjin Airlines will assist you to fill in Special Passenger Application(4 printed copies required).
3. Medical Diagnosis Certificate will be valid only with a physician’s signature and stamp of domestic county, municipal or equivalent (such as national grade II (A) ) and above level medical unit. Certificate issued by foreign medical unit should be filled in by doctor with medical qualification recognized by government authority. In China, the medical diagnosis certificate is in Chinese or in English; In other regions, it may be in other languages, but needs to be attached with English version or Chinese Version translation.
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