Notice for Sick Passengers

I. Notice on Ticket Purchasing

1. As aircraft flies at a high altitude where the oxygen decreases relatively and the pressure decreases, lots of conditions aren’t suitable for air travel. Through consulting experts, if you are suffering from the following conditions (if the passenger cabin environment when flying makes you feel uncomfortable, you will need special medical assistance), you are suggested to travel by air after you take enough rest.
2. If your surgical operation has exceeded the following time period and you must take a flight, please consult your doctor first and request your doctor to issue a Medical Diagnosis Certificate to prove you can take a flight, and ask your family member or doctor to travel together with you. Please produce the certificate at the ticket counter of Tianjin Airlines and fill in Special Passenger Application.
Note: Medical Diagnosis Certificate will be valid only if a physician has signed and stamped the document and in is from a domestic county, municipal or equivalent (such as national grade II (A) ) and above level medical unit, and including words of “Suitable for Flight” and issuing date. Certificate issued by foreign medical unit or unit of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan should be filled in by doctor who has medical qualification and is recognized by government authority. In China, the medical diagnosis certificate shall be in Chinese or in English; In overseas area, it may be in other languages, but needs to be attached with English version or Chinese Version, and states that it is valid before the date of XX.

II. Notice on formalities

1. Please go to the counter to go through formalities with certificates, Medical Diagnosis Certificate, Special Passenger Application and other necessary transport documents 2 hours before departure of flight.
2. If you fail to apply when purchasing ticket, please actively coordinate with the ground staff to state your conditions. The ground staff will apply to Tianjin Airlines for you and do the best to help you take the flight.
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