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  1. 1. We process refund applications for tickets booked on this site only.

  2. 2. Please submit the refund applications respectively for one person each time if more than 1 passengers apply to refund.

  3. 3. Any online refund application will be processed once submitted (without sending any other confirmation. Your involved itinerary will be invalid since you submit the online refund application. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, please make sure before submitting a refund application.

  4. 4. If you receive no reply after 72 hours since you submit your refund application or want to know more about our refund policy, please call our customer service at (86 10) 95350 or email us at

  5. 5. Passengers who book flight tickets at least 8 days prior to departure are allowed to cancel a reservation within 24 hours after booking. If cancellation is desired, please complete the refund application within 24 hours after booking and forward it by e-mail to : for processing or contact our call center (86 10) 95350 during 09:00-20:00( GMT+8) to apply for a refund, also within 24 hours.

  6. 6. If you apply to refund due to illness or visa rejection, please click here for detailed policy.

  7. 7. If there is any child or infant involved in your refunding order, please notice child and infant shall not travel alone. See the details: click here .

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