Fortune Wings Club Members (Fortune Wings Card & Selected Card holders) who book flight tickets on Tianjin Airlines Global Website and fly Business Class can directly upgrade to Gold or Silver status after registering on our website.


1. Fortune Wings Club Members who book flight tickets on our website and fly Business Class C/D one-way onetime (or outbound route) can directly upgrade to Gold status.

2. Fortune Wings Club Members who book flight tickets on our website and fly Business Class I one-way onetime (or outbound route) can directly upgrade to Silver status.


January 20, 2019 - December 31, 2019


Airline Flight no.
Tianjin= Auckland GS7957/8
Chongqing= Auckland GS7957/8
Tianjin = Sydney GS7939/40
Zhengzhou= Sydney GS7939/40
Chongqing = Melbourne GS7945/6
Tianjin = London(Heathrow International Airport) GS7965/6
Tianjin = London(Heathrow International Airport) GS7987/8
Chongqing = London(Heathrow International Airport) GS7965/6
Xi’an= London(Heathrow International Airport) GS7987/8

If you, a Fortune Wings Club member (Fortune Wings Card & Selected Card holder), are willing to upgrade to Elite Membership, please click here first for registration no later than the date of departure.

Not a member of Fortune Wings Club? Please click here to join us now! Elite members can enjoy priority boarding, elite lounges, extra piece of free baggage, flying bonus points and more.

【Upgrade Details】

Business Class Cabin Membership Upgrade Travel & Promotion Period Applicable Routes
Cabin C/D Gold Card 2019.01.20-2019.12.31 Round-trip of international flights from New Zealand, Australia, Europe to China
Cabin I Silver Card

【Terms and Conditions】

  • 1. In order to enjoy this special upgrade, travelers need to be Fortune Wings Club members (Fortune Wings Card & Selected Card holders).
  • 2. Please register first no later than the date of departure for Elite Membership Upgrade. Please click here for registration.
  • 3. Members can be only upgraded once, and the upgrade is depended on the cabin of the first taken flight. The upgrade will be automatically processed when the flight record is transmitted into the system in one week.
  • 4. This special upgrade is only available for booking online. Booking elsewhere is not eligible for participation.
  • 5. Upgrades will become void in case of rebooking or reissuing tickets. And upgrade will be available if the newly booked ticket is available for upgrade.
  • 6.This special membership upgrade is not available for travel within Asia-Pacific or other short distance flight routes.
  • 7. The validity period of Elite membership cards is from the day after upgrade until the following month of the second year. This Elite membership card enjoys the same upgrading and maintenance requirements except point overdrafts and free upgrade coupons.The member can maintain or upgrade the elite status again if ordinary standards of maintaining or upgrading are reached.
  • 8. For more details of Elite Membership' benefits, please click here to visit Fortune Wings Club official website.
  • 9. Tianjin Airlines reserves the right to modify or renew the above Terms and Conditions regarding the use of this website.