In-flight Food & Beverage

  • Business Class Meals

    For business class of intercontinental flight, we will provide two or more meals during which you are offered with gourmet food with color, aroma and taste. Diversified food is available for you, including appetizing snacks, appetizer, soup, salad, main dishes, dessert, various cheeses, seasonable fruit, etc.

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  • Economy Class Meals

    For economy class of intercontinental flight, we will offer you two and more meals. For dinner, we usually offer 3 main dishes (2 Chinese dishes and 1 western dish) to satisfy the different tastes of passengers. The menu includes appetizer and salad, main dish, fruit, Ferrero chocolate, bread, snacks etc.

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  • Special Meals

    Special meals are a valued-added service; some airports and some routes may not be able to offer this service for operational reasons. In the event of flights changes or other circumstances, it may not be possible to provide the special meal that you requested. Although these occurrences are rare, we apologize in advance.

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  • Food Allergies Alerts

    Tianjin Airlines understands that some passenger may have life danger due to allergy to peanut (or other tree nuts). Peanut products are widely used in different food including condiment, peanut oil and other food that contains peanut ingredient but is not indicated with peanut ingredient; our onboard menu may include walnut, cashew nut and other nut food and some food may be produced by a peanut-processing factory, therefore, it is impossible to make sure that such nut products are completely avoided during production of the food that we offer.

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