Airport Guide

  • ①Check-in Documents

    Valid forms of ID for air travel include:

    For residents of Mainland China: Resident Identity Card, Temporary Resident Identity Card, passport, military officer ID, civilian cadre ID, conscript ID, non-commissioned officer ID, civilian personnel ID, military employee ID, People's Armed Police ID, armed police forces ID, or Seafarer's Passport;

    Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents;

    For foreign travelers: passport, certificate of diplomatic staff stationed in China as issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card (or a previous version of the Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card still within the period of validity); other valid forms of ID for air travel as stipulated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

    For residents of Mainland China under the age of 16, further acceptable forms of ID include Medical Certificate of Birth, Household Register, student ID or proof of ID issued by the Public Security Bureau in the location of the individual's household register.

  • ②Check-in Procedure

    Travelers arrive at the airport →obtain boarding pass and complete baggage check-in at check-in counters (or get boarding pass from self-service kiosk)→go through the security check→proceed to the boarding gate and wait for boarding→start boarding through the boarding gate.

  • ③Flight check-in deadline of each airport(for reference only)

    Domestic Flights
    ProvinceAirportTerminalCheck-in ZoneCheck-in counters' numberDeadline
    Hubei Wuhan T2 A 19-32 40 mins
    Shiyan T None All 30 mins
    Hunan Changsha T2 B、C All 40 mins
    Changde T None All 30 mins
    Huaihua T None All 30 mins
    Sichuan Chengdu T2 H、J、K、L、N H、J Zone All for Economy
    N Zone All for first/business、L Zone Duty Manager、K zone for special guests
    45 mins
    Nanchong T None All 30 mins
    Luzhou T None All 30 mins
    Jiangsu Nanjing T2 C All 40 mins
    Yangzhou T None All 30 mins
    Xinjiang Bole T None 2-4 30 mins
    Hotan T None 1-4 30 mins
    Aksu T None 1-6 30 mins
    Yining T None 9-12 30 mins
    Altay T None 3-6 30 mins
    Korla T None 1-4 30 mins
    Kashgar T None 4-9 30 mins
    Tacheng T None 1-2 30 mins
    Kucha T None 1-6 30 mins
    Nalati T None 1-2 30 mins
    Urumqi T1 None 7-14 40 mins
    Heilongjiang Harbin T B B11-B20 45 mins
    Mudanjiang T None 1-4 30 mins
    Jiamusi T None 1-4 30 mins
    Jilin Changchun t None 1-8 40 mins
    Liaoning Shenyang T3 C C17 45 mins
    Dalian T None 25-31 40 mins
    Chaoyang T None 1-2 30 mins
    Hebei Shijiazhuang T2 None B17-22 30 mins
    Shanxi Taiyuan T1 None 1-7 30 mins
    Datong T2 None 3-6 30 mins
    Lvliang T None 4、5 30 mins
    Changzhi T None 1-4 30 mins
    Linfen T A A1-A8 30 mins
    Tianjin Tianjin T2 G 1-12,24 40 mins
    Beijing Beijing Capital T1 K 3-24 30 mins
    Inner Mongolia Hailar T None 1-6 30 mins
    Ulanhot T None 1-3 30 mins
    Chifeng T None 1-4 30 mins
    Tongliao T3 None 1-7 30 mins
    Xilinhot T None 1-3 30 mins
    Wuhai T None 1-6 45 mins
    Erdos T2 A、B 1-16 30 mins
    Hohhot T C 1-16 40 mins
    Baotou T A 1-10 30 mins
    Erenhot T None 1-4 30 mins
    Bayannaoer T None 1-3 30 mins
    Shanghai Shanghai Pudong T2 K 8-16 45 mins
    Shanghai Hongqiao T2 A 6-21 45 mins
    Guangdong Jieyang Shantou T None 2-15 30 mins
    Meixian T None All 30 mins
    Zhanjiang T None All 30 mins
    Guangzhou T1 M M1-M8/M17-M24 45 mins
    Zhuhai T F All 40 mins
    Gansu Lanzhou T1 None All (Counter 21 is for Tianjin Airlines only) 40 mins
    Qingyang T None 1-2 30 mins
    Jiayuguan T None 1-3 30 mins
    Zhangye T None 1-4 30 mins
    Shaanxi Xi'an   T2 C 8-24 40 mins
    Yulin T None 1-8 30 mins
    Ningxia Yinchuan T3 None All 40 mins
    Guizhou Guiyang T2 C\D All 40 mins
    Zunyi T1 None All 30 mins
    Liupanshui T1 None All 30 mins
    Tongren T1 None All 30 mins
    Hainan Haikou T1 None 1-16 45 mins
    Sanya T1 A All 45 mins
    Fujian Xiamen T4 L 8-10 30 mins
    Fuzhou T1 None 28-41 30 mins
    Anhui Fuyang T1 None All 30 mins
    Hefei TI B 13-24 30 mins
    Anqing T1 None All 30 mins
    Henan Zhengzhou T2 3 27-35 40 mins
    Zhejiang Hangzhou T3 G 17-29 45 mins
    Yiwu T1 None 13-16 30 mins
    Ningbo T1 None All 40 mins
    Wenzhou T2 A All 40 mins
    Guangxi Nanning T2 C All 30 mins
    Beihai T1 None 3-4 30 mins
    Guilin T2 A/B/C All 30 mins
    Liuzhou T1 None All 30 mins
    Chongqing Chongqing T3 G 2D-2E 45 mins
    Yunnan Kunming T1 D、E D04-09、D11-20 45 mins
    Jiangxi Jinggangshan T1 None 1-3 30 mins
    Nanchang T2 A 1-6 30 mins
    Ganzhou T None 3、5、6 30 mins
    Shandong Jining T1 None 2-4 30 mins
    Qingdao T1 B 1-8 40 mins
    Jinan T A 01-12 30 mins
    Linyi T None 1-5 30 mins
    Weihai T None 1-11 30 mins
    Yantai T B 5-13 30 mins
    Dongying T None All 30 mins
    Rizhao T None 1-9 30 mins
    International Flights
    Country / RegionAirportTerminalCheck-in ZoneCheck-in counters' numberDeadline
    China Tianjin T1 B 6-11 45 mins
    Xi'An T3 K K70-K77 40 mins
    Chongqing T3 B/C unfixed 60 mins
    Zhengzhou T2 F/G unfixed 45 mins
    UK London Gatwick North E all 60 mins
    London Heathrow T3 G unfixed 60 mins
    Japan Osaka Kansai T1 C、D C21-24 45 mins
    Tokyo Haneda International L L1-L5 40 mins
    Sapporo International International B6.7.8.9 40 mins
    Kitakyushu International International 1-4 40 mins
    Korea Seoul Incheon T1 F unfixed 60 mins
    China Taiwan Taichung T2 International 16-19 45 mins
    New Zealand Auckland International C 315-322 50 mins
    Australia Tullamarine T2 unfixed unfixed 45 mins
    Sydney Kingsford Smith T1 G G1-G6 50 mins
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