Notice for Senior Passengers

Respecting the elderly is always the virtue of the Chinese; we provide a specialized senior service to those passengers who are over sixty years old and healthy.

I. Regulations on Ticket Purchasing

1. If you need general assistance services because of the following reasons, you can purchase ticket from local ticket office and joint ticket office of Tianjin Airlines and neutral agent contracted with Tianjin Airlines and put forward application by filling in Special Passenger Application:
  • (1) Feel weak after long walk (about 200m and above) and needs wheelchair assistance at the airport;
  • (2) Need walking stick or crutch to support when walking;
  • (3) Need to be guided by staff for being unable to handle boarding pass, waiting for a flight, getting on or off a flight, or taking baggage after arriving due to hearing or vision impediments, language or written language communication disorders, or being not familiar with flight taking process or environment;
  • (4) Need special foods because of physical reasons;
  • (5) Need special seats and other general demands.
2. If you need additional special services during the travelling process, such as stretcher and/or medical oxygen, please contact the airline company in advance and confirm if you are able to take a flight. Please bring the Medical Diagnosis Certificate which indicates that you can take a flight to purchase ticket from the local ticket office or nominated ticket office of Tianjin Airlines, and fill in Special Passenger Application with the help of the staff.

II. Regulations on Formalities

1. Please go to the check-in counter to go through formalities with your certificates, Special Passenger Application (and Medical Diagnosis Certificate, if you need special services) two hours before the departure of flight, so that we can provide follow-up service for you.
2. If you bring a wheelchair, please check your wheelchair at the check-in counter. We will provide you a wheelchair to assist you to reach to the boarding gate for free.
3. If you didn’t apply demand service when purchasing ticket, please tell us your detailed conditions when going through formalities, we will apply to the Airline Company and do our best to assist you to take the flight in accordance with your conditions.
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