Notice for Pregnant Passengers

As the aircraft flies at a high altitude where the oxygen decreases relatively and the pressure decreases, there are some restrictions to pregnant women passengers. For safety reasons, Airlines usually make a series of transport regulations. Please consult your gynecological or obstetric doctor before planning to travel.

1. We accept expectant mothers who are less than 32 weeks pregnant (except for those who are deemed unfit to fly by diagnosis of doctor). You only need to bring your Certificate of Expected Date of Childbirth and valid ID Certificate to go through check-in formalities at the check-in counter. If you take the plane independently and need boarding and disembarking assistance, please fill in Special Passenger Application when purchasing ticket, and go through formalities on check-in counter 120 minutes before the planned taking off time.
2. We accept expectant mothers who are more than 32 weeks (included) but less than 36 weeks pregnant, please purchase ticket 24 hours before the departure of flight by showing “diagnosis certificate” issued by a medial unit stating suitability to fly before the date of XX, and fill in Special Passenger Application. Please go through check-in formalities with Diagnosis Certificate, Special Passenger Application and valid ID certificate at least 120 minutes before planned take off time of the flight.
3. Diagnosis Certificate should be in triplicate, and shall be valid only if stamped and signed by a doctor from a medical unit in county level, municipal level or equivalent level (such as national grade II (A) ) and above level.
4. For your health and safety, the following passengers are suggested to take other ways of travel: those whose are more than 36 weeks (included) pregnant; whose expected date of childbirth is within 4 weeks (included); whose expected date of childbirth is near but unable to confirm the accurate date; who is known to give multiple birth or is predicated to show complications of delivery; who just has spontaneous delivery less than 7 days, suffers dystocia and premature birth and is deemed as not suitable to take fly as per the doctor diagnosis.
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