Notice for Passengers with Vision Disorder, Hearing Disorder, Speech Handicap, Intellectual Disturbance or Mental Disorder

I. Regulations on Ticket Ordering

1. Passengers with vision disorder, hearing disorder, speech handicap, intellectual disturbance, or mental disorder or their representatives can order tickets from the local ticket office and sales agent of Tianjin Airlines or member Airlines of HNA Group, or the 95350 call center, and fill in List of Service Demands of Special Passenger of Tianjin Airlines with the help of the staff.
2. Passenger with vision disorder should apply for ticket from nominated ticket office at least 24 hours before departure of flight.
3. For passenger with mental disorder, Medical Diagnosis Certificate, which is completed by the physician in charge, stating that the passenger is suitable to take a flight, must be provided, and entourage must be arranged by himself/herself.
4. If you need to bring a service dog (guide dog, hearing dog) to the passenger cabin, please apply at least 24 hours before departure of flight, and go through check-in formalities together with relevant certificates.

II. Regulations on Formalities

1. To obtain better help and support, please be sure to go through check-in formalities at the check-in counter 2 hours before departure of flight;
2. If you fail to order ticket in accordance with ordering regulations, please actively coordinate with the ground staff to state your conditions. The ground staff will apply to Tianjin Airlines for you and do the best to help you take the flight.

III. Mobile Assistive Devices Allowable in Passenger Cabin

Category Assistive devices
Physical disabilities Mobility aids Crutch, folding wheelchair, artificial limb
Hearing impaired person Hearing aid equipment Electrical cochlea, hearing aid
Blind person Guide cane Multifunction, simple
Glasses for the blind
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