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【City Overview】

Located in the hinterland of China, Zhengzhou is known as the "Heart of China's railway" and the "Crossroads of China's transportation" and the capital of Henan Province. Zhengzhou is different in everyone's eyes: green city, the commercial capital, Erqi Memorial Tower, stewed noodles, Shaolin Temple, Chang Xiangyu, Deng Yaping and so on.

Many people say Zhengzhou is atmospheric, inclusive and comfortable. Just a bowl of stewed noodles, gathering with friends, or having barbeque, drinking beers, listening to Yu opera… such cozy lives are always happening in the city.

Zhengzhou people like to go to the provincial art center to watch a performance, or drive for half an hour to play golf, or take their lovers to the wine cellar to taste their treasured wine. The pace of life here is slow, yet not affecting its rapid urban and economic development.

In addition, perhaps every traveler to Zhengzhou will have a question: why there are so many cars on the road? How come there are so many people in the city like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen? What's more, how can I finish the big bowl of stewed noodles? But once you fly to Zhengzhou with Tianjin Airlines, you will find the answer of Zhengzhou's prosperity, cohesion and simplicity.

【Best Travel Time】

April to June and October to November.Zhengzhou is a humid subtropical monsoon climate having distinct four seasons, mild climate; and annual average temperature at 14.3 ℃, rainfall mostly in July to September.

【Suggested Days of Stay】

4 - 5 Days.

【Cheap Flights to Zhengzhou, China】