Responsibilities and Prospects

As one of the member enterprises of HNA Group, while achieving rapid development vigorously, Tianjin Airlines promotes the principle of "do something for the society, do something for others". In such way, Tianjin Airlines uplifts its social responsibility to the strategy height of enterprise development, actively bears the social responsibility which should be borne by enterprises and strongly supports social welfare undertakings. The company has cooperates with the government, charity organizations and friendly media for many times to carry out public benefit activities. Till now, there are over 4.5 million Yuan had been launched in the social philanthropy.

Devote into "China Western Development" – Actively respond to the develop-the-west strategy, devote into the regional aviation market in the Midwest area and serve the regional economic development.

Proud of the Haihe River – In Jun. 2009, Tianjin Airlines undertook the activity of "Election of People Who Moved Tianjin", presenting a gift to the 60th anniversary of funding of People's Republic of China.

The 9th University Games – In Sep. 2012, Tianjin Airlines was awarded the Honorary Service Enterprise for the 9th University Games.

The 6th East Asian Games – in Oct. 2013, Tianjin Airlines became the sponsor of aviation service for the 6th East Asian Games.

Find the Act of Kindness – In Mar. 2014, Tianjin Airlines undertook the activity to find the citizens who do the acts of kindness so as to promote the positive energy in the society.

Tianjin Airlines promise that donate free airplane tickets to 100 impoverished college students each year, and continue for three years, in order to help their study dream come true.

Warm Winter Action – Since 2014, Tianjin Airlines launched the large-scale public welfare activities with other society enterprises to help more than 500 disadvantaged groups got free tickets to return home in the Spring Festival .

"Thirty children and their dreams", in October 2016, the volunteers of Tianjin Airlines brought 30 presents to the leftover children in Yunnan province.

Green Aviation- 2015, Tianjin Airlines invested more than 50 millions yuan into energy-saving & emission reduction projects. Such as use the new energy car to instead the APU, A320 shark fins wings modified, remold the E190 aircraft`s double cabin to single cabin, saving 4,500 tons of aviation fuel per year and reducing carbon dioxide emission nearly14040 Ton each yea. In 2016, Tianjin Airlines joined in the "green aviation initiative network." as one of the founding members.

Tianjin Airlines 2016 Social Responsibility Report