Responsibilities and Prospects

As a member of the HNA group company, Tianjin Airlines in its rapid development at the same time, vigorously carry forward the "doing something for the society, doing something for others" spirit of enterprise to increase the social responsibility to the strategic height of enterprise development. TJA actively undertake the social responsibility of enterprises, support the social public welfare undertakings, repeat the government agencies, charities and friendly media cooperation, and carry out social public welfare activities. Up to now, Tianjin Airlines has invested more than 5 million yuan to support public welfare and charity.

Participate in the development of the western region -- actively respond to the national strategy for the development of the western region, participate in the regional aviation market in the early-liberated, minority nationality, border and poor areas in the central and western regions, and serve regional economic development.

Proud son of Haihe River -- In June 2009, Tianjin Airlines undertook the activity of "Moving Tianjin person selection” and presented a gift for the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China.

The 9th UNIVERSIADE, the 6th east Asian games and the 13th national games -- Tianjin Airlines has provided high-quality services and strong support for the three grand games held in Tianjin, demonstrating the sense of ownership of serving Tianjin and rooted in Tianjin.

Looking for ordinary people to raise good citizens -- In March 2014, Tianjin Airlines undertook the activity of "looking for ordinary people to raise good citizens in Tianjin" to actively spread positive social energy.

Flying Dream -- Since June 2015, Tianjin airlines has provided free flight tickets to 100 college students every year for three consecutive years to help them realize their dreams.

Warm winter campaign -- since 2014, Tianjin Airlines has cooperated with social charity enterprises to jointly launch a large-scale public welfare activity "Warm winter campaign" to help the Spring Festival transportation, giving free air tickets to more than 500 vulnerable groups in Spring Festival transportation to help them go home for the Chinese New Year.

30 kids and 30 dreams -- In October 2016, Tianjin Airlines, together with professional public welfare organizations, went to Yunnan to bring the dream gift package and the special class of Tianjin airlines into mountainous areas, making a contribution to education for left-behind children in rural areas.

Green aviation -- in 2015, Tianjin airlines invested more than 50 million yuan in energy saving and emission reduction projects such as ground power vehicles replacing APU, A320 sharp-fin modification and E190 aircraft changing from double-cabin to single-cabin, saving 4,500 tons of aviation oil and reducing CO2 emissions by about 14,040 tons annually. In 2017, Tianjin airlines cooperated with WildAid, an internationally renowned public welfare organization, to create a green vegetable food airline meal, which was launched in June 2018 in the business class of TJA international long-distance boutique airline.

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