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【City Overview】

Tianjin is located on the coast of the Bohai in the North-east China, very close to Beijing, the capital of China. You can travel between Tianjin and Beijing by the Inter-city Train which takes you around 35 mins. With its unique geographical location and long history, Tianjin has grown rapidly into an international metropolis and a favorite destination for vacations by residents of Beijing and nearby.

In 1860, the Anglo-French allied forces captured Tianjin, which was forced to become one of the first Trading Port. In those days, the concession of various countries left behind in Tianjin, which had become a large scale of European-style buildings. These buildings stand on the Fifth Avenue area and contrast with the surrounding Chinese architecture. Haihe river - Nurturing the growth of Tianjin, slowly flowing through the city, showing the cozy atmosphere of Tianjin City and Tianjin People. Another landmark is the "Eye of Tianjin" the Ferris wheel, standing beside the Haihe River.

Tianjin people are food lovers! Crispy pancake, ‘soft ear’ Fried cake. Take a trip to Tianjin and you'll be amazed by all kinds of snacks.

The ‘flavor’ of Tianjin is integrated into the combination of Chinese and western architecture, ancient cultural streets and the famous ‘Tianjin crosstalk’ or ‘Comic dialogue’.

【Best Travel Time】

Spring (March - May) and Autumn (September - November) are the best time to travel around Tianjin.

【Suggested Days of Stay】

2 - 3 Days. The scenic spots are mainly concentrated in the city downtown. Another day, you can go to Tanggu or Jixian to enjoy the natural scenery.

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